Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Driving Very Wrongly

Attempted to learn how to drive a stick today, in Mary's cute little Citroen. We went out to the RVC campus, where there are empty parking lots, and motored around for half an hour. Despite patient ministrations from the girlfriend, it was slow-going. Never really got past the "getting into first" phase of things, let alone getting out of the parking lot and trying my hand at the left side of the road. Laura (Mary's roommate) has an automatic, so I always have that crutch if I want to try driving here without dealing with a stick, but I would really like to learn!

Also bought some new glasses today, or I should say "spectacles". My old glasses were about five years old, and not only has my prescription changed, but the frame was rather worse for the wear. So for 19 pounds I had a British eye exam (not appreciably different than an American eye exam), and next Tuesday I will pick up my snazzy new pair. (One hour lenses does not seem to be a concept over here.) They are plastic and thicker, and a bit more trendy then my current ones, as the salesman helpfully told me.

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Kelsey said...

Don't give up, Phil! Getting into first is one of the only two hard bits about learning stick (the other is stopping on hills.) Once you figure it out, it's a lot of fun.