Thursday, June 01, 2006

I Been Travelin' Over Mountains

Two more tasks accomplished! I had to do a presentation today in seminar (also known as The Last Class I Will Ever Take In My Life After Taking Many Classes For Many Years.) That went okay, especially considering I was presenting about a topic I knew absolutely nothing about. And in front of a professor who is an expert in said topic, no less. One more class to go, and one more paper, and then the coursework phase of my graduate career is completely done. About time, considering this is my fourth year of it!

But more importantly, the faculty passed my proposal this afternoon--haven't heard the details, but sounds like there were no real problems. If you will indulge me in a quick moment of immodesty, one professor in particular, whose opinion I care about more than any other person in the world possibly, told me she thought it was, and I quote, "brilliant." So that really made my day. (End of bragging. I apologize.)

But I have to say, as nice as that was, it also made me realize just how run down I am right now. It has been a long quarter, coming on the end of a pretty rough year. And my supply of emotional energy is just about depleted--even the kind of validation that every grad student craves isn't quite enough to pep me up as much as it should. I'm really looking forward to my upcoming trip to England, and to a summer that I hope will be a little more...different. Than now.


enchantress71 said...

Well, it has indeed been a long quarter, and a rough year...exams, dissertation proposals, not to mention our personal lives! But, you are one of the most deserving people of comments like "brilliant" (particularly from said professor), so I am glad people are saying it out loud (so many of us say it to ourselves that you are quite the smartie). Congratulations!

sushipjs said...

Once said professor paid me a compliment. It's amazing how powerful a little validation can be. And your proposal is quite exciting. I can't wait to see what comes of it.