Monday, June 04, 2007


What should you do this weekend?

Well, if you are in Los Angeles, you know that this weekend is Pride. And on Sunday, there is the big festival after the parade. And at that festival, there is a small stage known as the "Empowerment Zone," where they sequester the people of color and trans performers. And on that stage, from 2:00-4:00 pm, will be a set organized by the good people at Transcend. And in that set, probably towards the end, a certain blogger, though neither trans nor a person of color himself, might be playing backup guitar in the best transgender black Elvis cover band you'll ever see.

Unfortunately, to pay for all the white and non-trans performers on the main stage, tickets to the festival cost $15 if you buy before Saturday, $20 at the door. I'm sure it goes to a good cause. Or maybe it goes to a secret fund to evict impoverished seniors from West Hollywood, I dunno.

On the other side of the country, if you are in Philadelphia (which, according to my sitemeter widget, some of you are!) this Friday, you should go hear my friend Joel do a reading (with some other writers) at the Chapterhouse Cafe. See his blog for more details. There will probably be less Elvis involved, but they can't help it, they're born that way.

And if you are in neither of those places, you're flat out of luck.

Update: According to my mother, that last statement is not strictly true, at least in Ashland, OR. There is some pretty rockin' Shakespeare happening in Ashland this weekend.


Anonymous said...

and in New London, CT this Saturday, some amazing eight-part harmony of a different kind, with the Yale-Harvard crew race.

sushipjs said...

It's too bad that the biggest pride parade in the world is happening this weekend in São Paulo. Unfortunately, I have to stay in Rio to finish what I can of my diss chapter before everyone arrives.

Incidentally, break a string playing on the pride stage in good ole' West Hollywood! You should be fabulous.