Tuesday, July 12, 2005


It has been a long time since I have posted. Not for lack of time, or for events to post about, but just for laziness. Since my last post I have...

1. Watched the BBC for two days straight after the bombings. Ken Livingston is my hero.
2. Had a crazy night at a pub.
3. Went to a farewell barbecue in Cambridgeshire for an Irish horse manager who is moving to New Zealand.
4. Poked around the Camden markets and explored Primrose Hill
5. Made fitful progress on my summer reading: five books down, thirty to go!
5. Strolled around the public footpaths that criss-cross Barnet's golf courses and commons.
6. Watched waaaay too much Big Brother, which, unlike the pale imitation they show in the United States, is fascinating, and is a national obsession.

I will probably back-post about most of these things individually.

Weird Britishism of the day: Some of the commercials they show here are just American commercials, except with British accents badly dubbed over.

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