Friday, July 29, 2005

Driving Less Wrongly

I know that everyone is fascinated by my continued attempts to drive, so here is another update:

The big news is that last night I drove from Barnet all the way into central London, to the Euston train station just south of Camden. This was presaged by a less successful attempt to drive a friend to Heathrow Thursday morning. I got there fine--it was ridiculously early in the morning, so there was no traffic on the M25 and I could just cruise in fifth all the way there. I managed to pull up to the terminal fine and drop my friend off, but once there I got stuck. There were crowds of people surrounding me, and with the pressure I began to stall spectacularly. After trying for several long minutes, I finally gave up and Mary drove us home.

Last night, however, for various complicated reasons we had to return a rental car to Euston. It was fairly late at night so there wasn't tons of traffic, and I stalled two or three times, but more or less I made the drive successfully! It's about a thirty minute drive, with a variety of roundabouts, stop lights, tight busy streets, and one very steep hill through Highgate, so I am quite proud of myself.


Kelsey said...

Congratulations on the successful drive! The stalling-while-surrounded-by-hordes-of-people-honking happened to me as well when I was first learning stick; I think it happens to everyone at least once. Regardless, way to recover. If you want to keep practicing back in LA, you're welcome to my car.

bbound said...

watch out, I might take you up on that! Mary seems determined to buy a manual when she gets back to the states. god knows why.