Saturday, July 29, 2006

Friday Night Cat Hoarding Blogging

The title of this post is an understatement. I write surrounded by no less than four felines. Carlos and Pablo, the subjects of many a previous rapturous cat blogging, are well known to my loyal readership. Add in to the mix two houseguests for the next week: my roommate's brother's tiny little kitten Dante, and my friend's gigantic pile-o-cat Newton. Which is not to say Newton is fat, he certainly isn't. He's just....huge! He's as big as the other three cats put together, and has the longest tail I have ever seen. He's a little shy, so he spends a lot of time underneath my bed.

Dante, on other hand, is true to his namesake: hell on wheels. He's very sweet, but a little bundle of energy. When eating a sandwich for dinner tonight, he climbed up and bit my hand so that I'd drop it, and then started to gobble it up. I squirted away with the trusty spray bottle, but he was so determined to eat my sandwich that the gush of water up his nose didn't deter him in the least. No, he kept on wolfing down my sandwich, so I kept spraying, until both it and he were soaked. Finally I dragged wet kitten away from wet roast beef. He gave a cute little kitten sneeze--water up the nose will do that--shook his little paw fastidiously, and went off to go attack the other cats or the sofa or something.

In the midst of this, my roommate is leaving for a few days. It's no trouble to take care of them by myself, but one person, living alone in an apartment with four cats? It starts to not look so good.


enchantress said...

poor little newt. I'm glad he's hangin' in there! see you (maybe) when I get back. :) Thanks for taking care of all the kitties, and I like that you call The Newt a "big pile-o-cat."

bbound said...

The Newt is getting much more outgoing now. Still spends a fair amount of time under the bed, but he ventures out plenty, and has even indulged in a friendly romp or two with the rest. Which, with his gigantic paws, he easily wins.