Monday, July 10, 2006

La tragèdie bleue

Oy...what a tragedy today. Turned off by Italy's doping scandals, constant diving for fouls, and general cockiness (and also following my rule for the World Cup that when in doubt, root for the country that didn't send troops to Iraq), I was rooting for les bleus. And things were going great. France was in control, and it seemed like the constant attacks would have to pay off sooner or later.

And then...Zidane goes and ruins it all. Totally crushed me. France played the better game, but after that head-butt, Italy deserved to win. And I'm glad they did.

Pablo, I suspect, was rooting for the Italians from the beginning.

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sushipjs said...

I had no real preference for the final. Every last team that I cared about lost, so it was over before it even began.

I heard Zidane was reacting to the Materazzi calling him - get this - a dirty terrorist. There was an article in the BBC today about how upset he was, but he wouldn't repeat the exact words that set him off. Yes, Zidane ruined things (in the 110th minute, at that!), but I think it must have been really offensive provocation.

Consequently, when I was at the Farmer's Market on Sunday, my comrade inspired extended cheers when he yelled "Viva Italia!" People enthusiastically continued to yell even after we passed through the area. It was truly a wonderful moment.