Sunday, August 13, 2006

Newark Cat Blogging

As I type, I'm sitting in Newark Liberty International Airport. (Sidenote: what kind of airport name is that?!) I had to pay a few bucks to have a day's worth of internet access, but as I got to my flight three hours early, it seemed worth it. Today, I drove from the Adirondacks down I-87 (the Los Angeleno in me just had to resist typing "the 87") to Newark, stopping briefly in Woodstock to take a few more research-y photographs of the Maverick Concert Hall. Last time I was there, two years ago, it was deserted, and I was able to cheerfully poke around. Today, it turned out that I arrived twenty minutes before the Tokyo String Quartet was due to play a concert. So I couldn't quite poke around as much, but it was neat to see all the people there. Paid tickets get you a seat on a bench in the shed, but for free you can sit outside the shed in a little clearing in the woods called "Rock Bottom." A line of little old ladies were primly sitting in their lawn chairs in Rock Bottom, looking like they had been there for hours to get front row seats.

So in a few hours, I am Barnet bound! Hopefully, I will not be blown up by a stray bottle of Gatorade en route. But as I sit here, I realize I miss the kitties a lot, and although I obviously don't have any current photos, I remembered that I have a short little movie I have not shared with the world. The setting for this little clip is the morning after we had a party in our apartment. Pablo thought that sitting in the empty chip bowl was about the most fun he'd ever had. I thought it could be more fun.


My flight has been delayed five hours. That's what I get for joking about airplane security. I'm sorry. Exploding Gatorade® bottles are not funny. The Transportation Security Administration is a righteous force for truth and justice. War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.

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