Monday, August 07, 2006

A Room with a View

I write from possibly the best place I have ever worked. I'm at a study carrel in the Joan Weill Adirondack Library, which is on the campus of Paul Smiths College on the banks of Lower St. Regis Lake. I'm next to a window that faces out over the lake, with a view of St. Regis Mountain. And the window is open, so there is a breeze coming in off the lake, and I can here the water splashing up against the birch trees on the shore. All this, and free wireless internet. I'm in heaven.

Back on the homestead, I only have dial-up access that trickles down wire like mud. So there probably won't be too many updates this week. I made it safely to the Adirondacks, via two planes, one rental car, and one ferry ride across Lake Champlain. I love that ferry ride--it's only fifteen minutes, costs only $8.50, and gives you a chance to stretch your legs and watch the sunset.

Up here, things are basically the same as always. A lot of lounging on the porch, reading on the dock, the occasional sailboat race, regular meals with the extended family--12:30pm and 6:30pm sharp, every day. It's a nice existence. Tomorrow is the regular Tuesday sailboat race, but the boats I typically race go on Thursdays, so I'll just take a motor boat out and saunter about the lake to watch. Wednesday night is the annual Moonlight race, where we all drift around the lake at night, lit by the moon and fueled by the occasional thermos of Irish coffee. My mother and I will probably climb the local mountain at some point, as I have every summer since I was six years old.

Before all this begins, however, I have to finish my review! Back to "work".

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enchantress said...

Sounds idyllic. Good luck with your race!