Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Happiness is a Warm Laptop

I think I have finally accomplished one of my major goals in life. Yesterday I bought a wireless router for Mary's father, and today installed it. Now, I can cheerfully chug away on my laptop in the living room, and resume some semblance of a wired life. It makes me very happy.

We are slowly adjusting to life in Northern Virginia. It was a big adjustment, especially for Mary's innate DC snobbery that anything south of the Potomac automatically equals suburban sprawl, bad driving, and the NRA. But with the huge population growth of DC in recent years, the inner ring of suburbs in Virginia have become much more urban and liberal. And the street we are living on is pleasantly leafy and residential, with nice houses and even a few shops within walking distance. Last night we bumped into a bowling alley by accident, and whiled away the night with a pitcher of Yuengling and several sub-100 games. Good times.

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