Saturday, October 07, 2006

Turtles and Puppies

I'm a little emo myself, having just dropped Mary off at the airport. But I have to say, this is indeed the saddest thing ever.

But if missing turtles make you sad, I have a solution. I was intending to show a cheer-inducing picture here of my family's dearly departed dog, Webster, as a puppy. But just as I was searching for a picture, I received an email from my father with the news that they just got a new puppy today!

Meet Cascade. Be sure to go to the second page of pictures, as there are some snapshots of Casey meeting our cat Timothy, who has outlived three dogs and is gunning for a fourth.


Doug Gentry said...

Update on the puppy and The Boss (the cat)... More playtime this evening, with the puppy grabbing the cat's tail, and the cat being remarkably tolerant. One or two half-hearted swats to the puppy's nose, but nothing sharp. Twice the puppy actually pulled the cat backwards by the tail.

enchantress said...

I've seen that book "Lost." The saddest ones are indeed the handwritten ones, especially the ones drawn by little kids. So sad.

Your parents' new puppy is sooo cute. It was nice to finally see your parents and your cat, too. :)