Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Rest in Peace, Betty Hutton

As regular readers will know, I vastly prefer Calamity Jane, the 1953 rip-off of Annie Get Your Gun, to the original. However, Betty Hutton was definitely the best part of that inferior musical, making the obnoxious plot almost palatable. Plus, in 1948, by getting pregnant shortly before the filming of Romance on the High Seas, Betty paved the way for the Great Doris herself. So God Bless, Betty. I hope in heaven they let you win any sharpshooting contest you want.

You can ignore the rest of this post, unless you are looking for an explanation of my relative frazzledness. It is my to-do list for the week:

1. Write something to give to diss. reading group.
2. Grade 30 short writing assignments.
3. Grade another 30 short writing assignments.
4. Grade two week's worth of listening quizzes.
5. Write and FedEx abstract for conference. (What kind of organization requires paper copies of an abstract?)
6. Prepare guest lecture for Thursday's class.
7. Collect 30 term papers. Grade them.
8. Finish fellowship application, which involves...
9. Do long overdue revisions to first diss chapter, to hand in with #8.
10. Enjoy some sunshine.

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