Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Useful Advertising

The Sunset Strip is home to many billboards. After Times Square, it is one of the most important outdoor advertising locations in the world. Many of them are gigantic, taking up the entire sides of twenty-story buildings; others have mechanized props attached to them. The Chateau Marmont always has a slender, vertical one in some odd shape: a bottle of Absolut Vodka for several years, now a big iPod. There are several giant video screens, and one non-chain billboard on the side of the Rainbow Grill that always has sexually explicit ads for new pornos.

But the most important billboard is a large one on the side of an office building. It seems to be leased exclusively by HBO, and is used to announce whatever the next big upcoming HBO series will be. Since I drive by it every day on the way home from school, I'm usually pretty on top of the HBO calendar. So you can imagine my joy when I saw they were putting up a new ad today.
This is my cell phone camera so it's a little washed out and blurry, but that's Tony Soprano. And underneath, it says, "The Final Episodes: April 8."


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