Sunday, February 11, 2007

Choices, Choices

Will somebody please tell me who to support in the Democratic primary? I'm not usually this far behind. In December of 1998 I was already a member of the Connecicut Committee for Wellstone. I still have my green "Wellstone for President" t-shirt. The silk-screening is fraying a bit, so now it's only for special occasions. And I still remember my first primary, 1988. I was in...third grade, I think? I was a Jesse Jackson supporter, and then reluctanctly campaigned for Dukakis when my elementary school had a mock election. Since I grew up in the Easy Bay, I think Dukakis won by like 80%. I distinctly remember that there was only person in my classroom who dared vote for Bush Sr.

But when you are writing a dissertation, it is hard to remember the outside world. So somebody tell me what to do:

1. Hillary Clinton.
Ick. Nope nope nope. I've never been a fan of the Clintons--remember DOMA, don't ask don't tell, the end of welfare as we know it, and several spurious bombings of random countries?--and that distrust overrides my mild desire for a woman candidate. I don't like her peddling to the right, I don't like her consistent support of the war. And I don't think she is electable, so what's the point of compromising what I believe in? That sure got us all somewhere last time. And the time before. And the time before.

2. John Edwards.
I don't know, he's just so boring! And short.

3. Barack Obama.
I'm surprised to find myself leaning towards him. I'm really not a fan of senators running for President--only the ego of a U.S. Senator could believe that he or she is going to be the first Senator since JFK to be elected--but I find myself getting a little misty-eyed about him sometimes.

4. Bill Richardson
I have an odd affection for him, considering that I suspect he is rather corrupt. But I like that he is governor of a western state, and Latino.

5. Tom Vilsack
Don't know anything, and he hasn't done anything to make me want to.

6. Dennis Kucinich
The thing is, I just really hate Kucinich supporters, on a social level.

7. Joe Biden
I'd rather vote for my box of kleenex.

8. Christopher Dodd
Thanks to my former involvement in Connecticut Democratic party politics, I've been on this guy's mailing list for years. Despite the weekly informational emails from "Chris," I am not impressed.

9. Al Gore
Al Gore did once try to run over one of my friends with a car. And I would not put it past him to mess up another presidential campaign as badly as he did the first time. But it's been a long time since the ugliness of the 2000 Democratic primary, so maybe I could forgive and forget.



sushipjs said...

I'm thinking of sitting out primary decisions for awhile. Even from half a world away the race looks pretty lame. Obama looks ideal except he has no record. I'd really like to see an electable candidate who has plausable solutions for problems AND knows how to campaign. I don't see that right now, which scares me.

Kelsey said...

Hee, #9!

I am solidly on the Barak Obama train, by the way. He's an amazing candidate--if I still worked in politics, you can bet I would be angling for a spot on the campaign. Also, I find it exceptionally appealing that he used to be a professor; I like the idea that something other than gross anti-intellectualism might play some kind of role in our national discourse again. I feel you on the matter of senators running for President, but if it helps, he was only in the Senate for a term!

Oh, and on the "he has no record" front: it's true that he doesn't have a very long national record, but he did a lot of really extraordinary work in Chicago and in Illinois when he was in various state offices. This coincided with the time I was living there, when he was a) pretty famous within the city and b) basically universally beloved (with a couple of semi-prominent exceptions.) Also, randomly, he was my neighbor.