Saturday, February 24, 2007

Seen at a Coffee Shop on Sunset Boulevard

1. An elderly man looking at the profiles of young women on MySpace. From what I can see, they were all in his friends list. Questions: Are they his actual friends? Does he pretend to be younger online? Do they like (much) older men? Is he famous? Is he sketchy?
2. Donald Faison, who plays Turk on Scrubs.
3. A big SUV pulled into the left-hand turning lane at an intersection, as if waiting to turn left. Then the blinkers came on, and a guy got out and walked off, leaving the car blinking away in the middle of Sunset Boulevard.
4. A young couple wearing University of South Carolina t-shirts, looking disoriented.
5. Several rock musicians with lots of tattoos--I recognized them, but couldn't tell you what band.
6. Helen Mirren's face plastered on a gigantic "for your consideration" billboard.
7. Ratio of 1 double cappuccino per 5 midterms graded.
8. Two elderly Russian men smoking cigars and playing chess.
9. A pretty woman who was totally a famous actress, but I can't remember her name. Except she had a crazy mole next to her eye that they must airbrush out when she is filmed.
10. An Alan Arkin lookalike. But it wasn't him, I decided.

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