Sunday, April 08, 2007

Nothing Metonymic About This One

I just had my very first fellowship anxiety dream. In my dream, I got rejected from a certain fancy national fellowship from which in real life I have yet to hear. But it wasn't just an email rejection, in my dream. Rather, I received an automated phone call. And rather than simply informing me I didn't receive the fellowship, the pre-recorded voice broke the fellowship down into all the little expenses for which it would have paid, and rejected me one by one. Like, "Here are the results of your application for the X Fellowship: You did not receive $500 for travel to archives in New York. You did not receive $5000 towards tuition. You did not receive $12000 to pay your rent." And so on.

Happy Easter!

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Anonymous said...

That absolutely begs for a punch line: "You did receive $5 towards your phone bill so you can afford to listen to this call. Congratulations!"